Aggravations and Frustrations: A Blogger’s Plight

I’m sad to say that blogging on WP has become an exercise in needless frustration for me.

1) I have to re-log-in repeatedly to leave or reciprocate comments when accessing other blogs through a comment left on mine, even though I’m already logged into WP. The only way around it is to manually put each blog name into the WP Reader each time and comment through the Reader. 😫 This bug in the works is the WORST and biggest deterrent to the interactive blogging experience I’ve ever encountered on WP.

2) “Blocks” have over-taken everything from editing to widgets to the new theme customizer. It’s a block invasion. Blocks are cumbersome, fiddly and overwrought, whereas the pre-block ways were simple, quick and easy-peasy. For the most part, “blocks” are not helpful or time-efficient. Make it make sense.

3) WP used to offer many aesthetically pleasing and creative free “themes.” The new themes all have the same generic look, even when “block” customized. Just a minor bit of nostalgic grumpiness, but I fondly recall the beautiful array of fun, free and easily customizable themes of WP past. Take a trip down memory lane of retired themes. I remember Bouquet, Strange Little Town, Misty Lake, Rusty Grunge, Dusk to Dawn, Matala, Brand New Day and Monster ☠️. My favs were Koi, Fiore and Adelle. We were all so jazzed whenever a new one was announced. Sounds silly, but they had a good vibe, like lots of enthusiasm, warmth and creativity went into making them.

Frustration and Aggravation Summation: The continual barrage of mostly unwelcome changes detract from the personal blogging experience and puts a damper on my blogging enthusiasm. Isn’t feeling encouraged, rather than discouraged to blog, the point?

If it’s broke, fix it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I cannot be the only long-time WP blogger feeling this way.

Much love, appreciation and blessings to my blogging crew, MW 🙏🏼

46 thoughts on “Aggravations and Frustrations: A Blogger’s Plight

  1. I forgot to add: Why must it be so hard to follow someone when you’re on their blog?? 😠 That elusive follow option that comes and goes as you scroll is just playing with us. 🤯 I do not wish to chase it down.


    1. True, Val. In my most recent post, I fully realized WP is now designed to appeal to the lucrative market of commercialized and professional bloggers or e-commerce websites. All of this is about shifting the targeted market.

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    1. I think it’s being geared toward professional, e-commerce bloggers.

      WP just made unannounced changes to the paid plans. There are only two plans now: Free (which randomly displays random ads to viewers under posts and in the sidebar, logged-in or not) and Pro, the $15 a month e-commerce plan.


  2. Hi Mother Wintermoon, MW. I reread the comments on your About page. My comment there is dated 07/22/2020. The subject about “glitchy” WP came up at that time. I have been visiting/reading blogs when I can, yet some personal issues/priorities this past year. I carefully read through this post when it first arrived in my email this week. I have also been following the comments.

    I am all over the map trying to comment on blogs. For some, the “Reader” on WP works, many I have to re log in, and I have better luck sometimes with Google Chrome versus Safari. You may be right on using the app.

    I look forward to continuing with my blog in the near future, when I hope the dust settles around here.

    Thank you for sharing a thought-provoking post.❤️ Erica

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    1. Hi!! I missed you! Thanks for commenting. I’m so happy to reconnect. I think it is a browser issue. I’m using Chrome now. Will see how it goes. I thought the app would be available in the Apple App Store, but they only have the app for

      I have a lot on my plate now too, but I hope to continue blogging without all the headaches. Abundant blessings to you, MW ❤️

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  3. Thank you for not giving up. That having to log in repeatedly sounds awful. I’d be tempted to bug the tech people often to fix it, but then, there are better things to do. WP is definitely getting more complicated and less user friendly. Take care and be well.

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    1. Aw, thanks, JoAnna. I may have figured out the log-in issue, but only time will tell. WP is much less user-friendly than it used to be. I feel nostalgic for simpler times. Wishing you an enjoyable weekend. Great to connect with you again! 🥰

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  4. Having to re-log-in each time to comment and reciprocate comments on many WP blogs is the worst.

    That is SO FRUSTRATING. If that happened to me, I would be incredibly upset. I totally get it.

    Much love,

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    1. Are you using the WP App? I’m not. I’m logged in through my browser. I had the app a long time ago, but wasn’t that crazy about it. Perchance the app is the solution. I’m going to reinstall it.

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      1. I definitely think that the app is way better. When I use the browser WP keeps on making issues. I find that the app is easier and more efficient to use (besides when posting)

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  5. Thank you for sharing!!.. I do not have a paid plan, just stay with the basics and do most of my editing with publisher and then paste on WordPress, nothing fancy, just let my fingers do the walking and my heart do the talking… everything is in a state of change in today’s world, especially in the area of security, it will be interesting to see how it all unfolds over time… 🙂

    One will just have to experiment and find what works for them “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” ( Maria Robinson )… 🙂

    Until we meet again..
    May flowers always line your path
    and sunshine light your way,
    May songbirds serenade your
    every step along the way,
    May a rainbow run beside you
    in a sky that’s always blue,
    And may happiness fill your heart
    each day your whole life through.
    (Irish Saying)

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    1. ☀️🌟🌻😎Love your energy, Dutchil. I’m back on the free plan now. I tried out the personal plan before just to get rid of the awful ads that show under posts for readers that aren’t logged in.

      Change is inevitable, but WP loves launching a barrage of forced changes in rapid succession, whether needed and wanted or not. 😄


  6. It has become a very frustrating experience…and trust me, if someone comes up with something similar and so much more fluent again…it will go the way of the dodo, very quickly. When you leave its core us of allowing people to communicate and bury it in ‘them’, it loses its appeal very fast. And probably the worst part is there is no comment or help, if you don’t pay you don’t play. And there are forums that have volunteers going right out of their way to help but most people are not ‘into’ those depths of what becomes a frustrating experience. I’m a website designer and struggle often, and yes it is a great setup…but it is wounded and bleeding badly 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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    1. Very well-said, Mark. I don’t feel bad about my aggravation 😤with it, if you’re a website designer and struggling with it as well. My technology skills are decent, but this is just a mess that keeps getting worse. I think we’d be better off with our own websites. 🙏🏼 🧡

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    2. Mark, I think some of us are migrating over to Blogger (free, no ads), or least setting up an alternative there. If you do, please let me/us know so that we can follow your blog there.


  7. I feel your pain! It’s no longer a joy so some bloggers have changed camp while others of us have just stopped blogging. If it’s not fun it’s no longer viable 😦

    I meant to keep reading but as you say this constant logging in makes things far more torturous. But they make heaps of dosh out of us so what would they care!


    1. Wonder where those that have thrown in the towel on WP have gone to? Their own websites perhaps?

      I love my blog friends, but I got so tired of logging in repeatedly to comment when I never logged out. It’s crazy. Why is it like that? There’s no end to it. Torturous is a good word for it.

      Last paragraph — all too true. Sadly.


      1. ask WP themselves, it’s their fault … I have no idea but after heavy complaints I kept my right to post under ‘classic’ editor instead of that awful ‘block’ editor that they introduced … so it can be done. This time I’ve just lost interest, I’m over it …

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        1. I think a website might be cheaper than a personal ad-free plan with WP. I hate the WP ads that can be seen on our blogs when readers aren’t logged in. I wonder why Google didn’t ramp up Blogger to compete?

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          1. I’m not overly familiar with Blogger, BUT Google made some major missteps there early on; paywalls and privacy issues among other things. WP is alot bigger than many people think also. TONS of ecommerce sites are running off of WP believe it or not.

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            1. Self-hosted has robust ecommerce functionality. The Pro-plan on has an ecommerce plug-in as well. I had my first blog on Blogger before WP existed. Was a really good experience with great people and community…same as here. Google being Google, didn’t have an interest in making it IOS or MacOS compatible though.

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    1. Sometimes I can click on a comment left on my blog and not have to re-log-in to comment on that person’s blog. I just did with yours. I think it has to do with WP blogs that are on paid plans or have a custom domain. I don’t know, but it happens often and it drives me bonkers.


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